About us

Welcome To BiRa Creations by Bijal Soni. BiRa Creations offers you the modern and traditional styles of fashion with a sense of vibrant and lively feel to it.

We'll also be launching our accessories, cosmetics, footwear portal very soon. 

 Just for an occasion, we wanted to purchase some dresses for us and for some of our friends and relatives as a gift, we had seen many readymade dresses but none of them were meeting our expections, so we decided to go for customized dresses. But it was so much hassle, expensive, time consuming and didn't match our expectation. That generated a spark for this business, we are working with basic principles like: 1. Customer satisfaction, 2. Doorstep and Ontime delivery, 3. Cost effective, 4. Best quality product.

 This venture is run by BIJAL ATUL SONI (daughter), RAKHI ATUL SONI (mother)

How we got our name?

BIJAL & RAKHI so, this finally becomes BiRa.